Thursday, August 22, 2013

Voula Kappas-Dunn & "Teetering on the Edge"

Grey Area author Voula Kappas-Dunn talks about her story today:

Q: What was the inspiration for your story in Grey Area?

Voula: Some time ago, I found several of my friends and family members undergoing divorce from their spouses. Two other elements combined to set me working on "Teetering on the Edge."

My father had bought a property in his native Greece that was rumored to be haunted. A distant relative committed suicide within its walls, but I discovered nothing more of the circumstances. Instead, I set my imagination to work.

The story I wanted to tell required a North American setting. The cottage I describe once belonged to my in-laws. I spent many pleasant weekends there hiking, attending lobster suppers, and mediating in the loft, just like Ethel.

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