Our Supporters

In September-October of 2014, Third Person Press launched an Indiegogo Campaign in support of the Flashpoint anthology. 

Flashpoint is Volume 4 in our Speculative Elements series, released December 2014 in print and ebook formats.

Thank you to the following people and organizations—including the anonymous donors not listed below—who supported our campaign and our ongoing efforts to promote our talented local authors. We are truly grateful!

Peter Andrew Smith
Kerry Anne Fudge
Karen Waldman
Janessa Coles
Mona Anderson
Jason Merrill
Rachel Langer
Lauralee Woodworth
Kevin Moul
Barbara Donovan
Krista Miller
Robert Cullen
Peter Halasz
Eternal Elf Creations
Quinn Papazian
Norma Jean MacPhee
Robert Shepard
Susan Corte
Emily Ramsey
Benjamin Shepard
Morgan JT Dunford
Sandra Lacey
Kimberly Charron
Sandra Dunn

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