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Rise of the Mudmen by James FW Thompson (more info & buying links)

Alex used to believe that bad things didn’t happen on sunny days...but now he knows better.

On an otherwise normal October day, Alex’s neighbourhood becomes a place of horror.  Missing parents, a chaotic evacuation, and a school in flames are only the beginning of a nightmarish world overrun by bloodthirsty creatures—creatures who were once family, friends and neighbours.

Thrown together by chance and with no adults coming to their rescue, Alex, Nicole, David, and  Kaitlyn must rely on themselves and each other to survive. As they struggle to defend themselves and their younger companions, create a safe haven, and learn to work together, they discover that there is more than one kind of enemy...and that sometimes the worst ones come from within.

Set in Cape Breton in 1986, Rise of the Mudmen will take you back to a time that never was.

Paperback: 351 pages
Language: English
Print ISBN-978-0-9936325-4-9
EBook ISBN-978-0-9936325-5-6
Price: $16.95 (print), $5.99 (ebook)
On Sale October, 2017

Christmas Stalkings (more info & buying links)
If it's true that great writers never they become ghostwriters? Four authors explore this cultural conundrum in ten frightfully amusing holiday stories. First presented as oral entertainment at annual Gaudy Night--celebrations of Canadian author Robertson Davies--these literary tall tales deliver chills, chuckles, and high spirits. And they might make you look at the holidays--and a few literary greats--in a new light.

Contributors: Todd Pettigrew, Scott Sharplin, Ken Chisholm, Jenn Tubrett

Paperback: 138 pages
Language: English
Print ISBN-978-0-9936325-2-5

EBook ISBN -978-0-9936325-3-2

Price: $16.95 (print), $4.99 (ebook)
On Sale December, 2016

The Speculative Elements, Vol. 4 Flashpoint: The moment when everything changes...when things come together...and burst apart. This volume offers fifteen new stories from Cape Breton authors--stories that go from warmth to hearth to heat, all the way to combustion and beyond.

Contributors: D.C. Troicuk (Introduction), Patrick M. Charron, Kerry Anne Fudge, Larry A. Gibbons, Steven Fraser MacLean, Bruce V. Miller, Sue McKay Miller, Katrina Nicholson, Sherry D. Ramsey, Julie A. Serroul, Peter Andrew Smith, Stephanie Snow, Bridget Sprouls, Jenn Tubrett, Donald Tyson, Nancy S.M. Waldman.

Paperback: 266 pages
Language: English
Print ISBN-13:978-0-9936325-0-1
Ebook ISBN-13: 978-0-9936325-1-8
Price: $19.95 (print), $4.99 (ebook)
On Sale December, 2014

Grey Area: 13 Ghost Stories

Imagine that you are trapped in a grey area, neither here nor there, in-between time, space, colours, lives. The vivid stories in Grey Area: 13 Ghost Stories bring this scenario to life. Thirteen strong authors show us what it is like to be in-between in this contemporary, varied, spooky and often touching collection.

Contributors: Ken Chisholm (Introduction), Theresa Dugas, Meggan Howatson, Voula Kappas-Dunn, Hugh R. MacDonald, Nancy MacLean, Charlotte Musial, Katrina Nicholson, Leah Noble, Sherry D. Ramsey, Julie A. Serroul, Diane J. Sober, D.C. Troicuk, Nancy S.M. Waldman.

Paperback: 198 pages
Language: English
ISBN-13: 978-0981102580
Price: $19.95 (print), $2.99 (ebook)
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The Speculative Elements, Vol. 3 Earth--the ground of our being, the dust from which we come, and to which we will return. Imagine what might arise from and disappear into the soil...what grows, what is buried, what teems unseen. This collection, exploring the ends of the Earth and beyond, offers tales from the depths of darkness: zombies, vampires, murky unknowable worlds, underground prisons, malevolent spirits--to the lightest heights: earthen magic, little people, buried treasure and fantastical creatures! Dig in. These twenty-one stories will thrill, scare, surprise and delight.

Contributors: Michael G. MacDonald (Introduction), Mona Anderson, Walter Carey, Ken Chisholm, Wesley J. Colford, Kerry Anne Fudge, Larry Gibbons, Meg Horne, Joyce MacDonald, Lorena Mann, Bruce V. Miller, Katrina Nicholson, Wade Rideout, Alicia Serroul, Peter Andrew Smith, Stephanie Snow, James F.W. Thompson, Jenn Tubrett, Donald Tyson, Sherry D. Ramsey, Julie A. Serroul, Nancy S.M. Waldman.

Paperback: 304 pages
Language: English
ISBN-13: 978-0981102566
Price: $19.95 (print), $2.99 (ebook)
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To Unimagined Shores
Collected Stories by Sherry D. Ramsey Sherry's stories have appeared in serial publications and anthologies in Canada, the US, and Australia, and are collected here in one place for the first time. To Unimagined Shores offers seventeen stories in total, including a new, never-before-published story in her popular "Albettra" series.

From the back cover:
What sorts of things wash up on unimagined shores? Hitch-hiking aliens. Kidnapped embryos. Victorian time-machines. Spaceport detectives. Itinerant scribes. Otherworldly companions.
The discerning beachcomber will discover even more curiosities on the pages within: physicists and journalists, wizards and apprentices, angels and devils, telepaths and aliens. The seventeen stories in this collection are by turns funny, tragic, light-hearted and serious, but all share this in common: they will carry you to distant shores of imagination, and, once there, show you things you hadn’t known before.

"Sherry D. Ramsey's short stories are filled with vibrant characters, good writing, and thrum with humanity, even when there aren't many actual humans in the story. Fans of speculative fiction should definitely check out To Unimagined Shores." ~ Mark A. Rayner, author of The Amadeus Net and Marvellous Hairy.

Paperback: 374 pages
Language: English
ISBN-13: 978-0981102542
Price: $16.95 (print), $2.99 (ebook)
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The Speculative Elements, Vol. 2
These fourteen stories and three poems, all in the SpecFic genres, breathe unexpected possibilities into the atmosphere that surrounds and fills us. Take flight with these tales and explore what is always elusive: microscopic particles, airwaves, wind, space, sound, and spirit.

These talented writers--all with a connection to Cape Breton Island--share stories of timeless love, enchanted flight, punkish cybercrime, unexpected gifts of healing, journeys beyond imagining, past lives on Scottish isles, the knock at the door you never want to answer, and much more.

Contributors: Afra Kavanagh, Ph.D. (Introduction), Chris Benjamin, Jill Campbell-Miller, Ken Chisholm, Donna D'Amour, Kerry Anne Fudge, Meg Horne, Theresa Dugas Mac Kay, Bruce V. Miller, Krista C. Miller, Sue McKay Miller, Katrina Nicholson, Peter Andrew Smith, D.C. Troicuk, Sherry D. Ramsey, Julie A. Serroul, Nancy S.M. Waldman.

Paperback: 275 pages
Language: English
ISBN-13: 978-0981102511
Price: $19.95 (print), $2.99 (ebook)
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A Cape Breton Anthology of Speculative Fiction (The Speculative Elements, Vol. 1)
The fourteen stories in Undercurrents ply the literary oceans of time and space, possibility and imagination. And while you may find familiar themes in these pages-love, change, greed, spirituality-you will discover that they take on a new perspective when viewed through the lens of the speculative. Inside are stories that ripple and swell with the unusual: fiddle-playing ghosts, malevolent cats, urbane vampires, and ordinary folks who have drifted into the realms of the extraordinary. Set your oars in these unusual waters and see for yourself what swirls in the undercurrents.

Contributors: Douglas Arthur Brown, Julie Curwin, Kerry A. Fudge, Larry A. Gibbons, Bruce V. Miller, Krista C. Miller, Katrina Nicholson, Seanah Roper, Stephanie Short, Peter Andrew Smith, D.C. Troicuk, Sherry D. Ramsey, Julie A. Serroul, Nancy S.M. Waldman.

Paperback: 246 pages
Language: English
ISBN-13: 978-0981102504
Price: $19.95 (print), $2.99 (ebook)
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