Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Story Teasers III

We know you've been waiting! Here are the teasers for the rest of the ghostly stories...

"Grey Area" by Katrina Nicholson - Can a person make better choices after death than they did in life?

"Stillborn" by Hugh R. MacDonald - The warning was clear: don't go in there. But sometimes you don't have a choice...

"Mildred Mudd's Epiphany" by Charlotte Musial - Mildred has always prided herself on her unwavering good sense and can't explain the reasons for her sudden unravelling to her best friend. She can't even explain it to herself.

"Teetering on the Edge" by Voula Kappas-Dunn - The edge of a cliff is as sharp as the line between sanity and insanity, past and present, life and death...

"Not on This Earth" by Theresa Dugas - A little girl, far from being spooked by the shadowy woman in her room at night, is comforted by her "Mother Goose," who returns to help out at just the right moment.

The Grey Area: 13 Ghost Stories release is scheduled for October 24th. Stayed tuned for details!

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Sunday, September 1, 2013

Story Teasers II

Hungry yet? Here are four more Grey Area story bites for you!

Tuck in:

"ePrayer" by Sherry D. Ramsey - A call center employee takes a call that will change his life...and his understanding of death.

"Revenant" by Nancy MacLean - Cassie knows her obsession with finding a man who haunts her dreams is unreasonable, illogical...and all-consuming.

"Night Swimmer" by Leah Noble - A young woman wakes up in a pastoral cemetery to find that her dream has just begun.

"My Mews" by Nancy S.M. Waldman - The four walls of a beloved apartment entomb a young widow in her grief until she discovers that she shares the space with another soul, far more lost than she.

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