Thursday, September 18, 2014

Flashpoint Interview: Peter Andrew Smith

Next up is an interview with Peter Andrew Smith, whose story in Flashpoint is titled, "Invasive Species."

Third Person Press: Where did you grow up? Do you think your childhood influenced you to be a writer?
Peter Andrew Smith: I grew up in southern New Brunswick in a household filled with books and in a family who loves to read. I can remember weekly trips to the library and eagerly working my way through the bookcases around the house. With a head filled with so many stories there is little wonder I began writing!

TPP: Who were your three favorite writers when you were young? Who are three favorites now?
PAS: As a boy I loved Robert E. Howard, J R.R Tolkien, and L Spague de Camp. I have so many favorite authors now it is hard to name just three so I'll go with the writers of the last three books I read- Mike Moscoe, Larry Correia, and Gini Koch.

TPP: What are you most likely to be doing when you're not writing?
PAS: Playing with, singing to, or chasing my three year old daughter around the yard.

TPP: Do you have any writing habits or rituals?
PAS: I tend to write either early in the morning before everyone gets up or late at night after our house gets quiet.

TPP: What's your favorite beverage while writing? While not writing?
PAS: I never drink and write. When not writing I enjoy a good cup of tea.

TPP: If you were a superhero, what would your name and power/ability be? Or would you be a supervillain instead?
PAS: If I were a superhero I would be "Nappingman" with the ability to sleep at any moment and wake up refreshed and ready to go (did I mention we have a three year old?).

TPP: What are you working on now? What's your next writing project?
PAS: I am currently half way through a draft of a book which needs to be finished and back to my editor by June 2015 (which seemed a long way off when I signed the contract). After that I'm going to pick up some short stories in progress about a war of liberation which only lasted eight minutes and thirty one seconds, a medic trapped in a pregnant giant spider's crashed spaceship, and a dragon staging a protest on the Canso causeway.

TPP: Is there a question you've always wanted to answer as a writer? Pose it and then write your answer.
Q: What inspires you to write?
PAS: Reading. When I read something that is well written and engaging my mind heads off in a hundred different ways and I want to write. When I read something that is poorly written and unengaging I start to think about how I would write the story. Either way the more I read the more I am inspired to write.

Thanks, Peter!

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