Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Flashpoint Interview: Bruce V. Miller

Next in our series of author interviews is Bruce V. Miller, whose story in Flashpoint is titled, "And Again."

Third Person Press: Where did you grow up? Do you think your childhood influenced you to be a writer?
Bruce V. Miller: I grew up in Margaree, which is quite rural, even by Cape Breton standards. I certainly learned to love reading when I was young and was always encouraged in this by my parents. I recall writing a short story that was a little too strange for my high school English teacher. In retrospect, I took this to be a good thing.

TPP: Who were your three favorite writers when you were young? Who are three favorites now?
BVM: In high school I was big fantasy fan, so I loved Tolkien, and Robert Jordan. I also loved Robert Heinlein after reading Stranger in a Strange Land. I’m not decisive enough to pick favourites, but currently I really look forward to anything by David Mitchell, Malcolm Gladwell, or Thomas King.

TPP: What are you most likely to be doing when you're not writing?
BVM: Teaching school, taking care of kids, cooking, reading, and wishing I had time to play music or write.

TPP: Do you have any writing habits or rituals?
BVM: Sadly, my most recent writing habit is to write a first draft that illustrates very clearly that I am quite rusty and have to re-learn some basics.

TPP: What's your favorite beverage while writing? While not writing?
BVM: Coffee and coffee.

TPP:  If you were a superhero, what would your name and power/ability be? Or would you be a supervillain instead?
BVM: Tangential Man or Captain Non-Sequitor—my super power would be coming up with unexpected ideas or plans to save the world. I suppose this could work just fine for a supervillain as well.

TPP:  What are you working on now? What's your next writing project?
BVM: I had an idea to write a magical-realism biography of Jorge Luis Borges, but so far that’s as far as I’ve gotten.

Thanks, Bruce!

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