Christmas Stalkings: Ten Tales of Literary Spirits

If it's true that great writers never they become ghostwriters? Four authors explore this cultural conundrum in ten frightfully amusing holiday stories. First presented as oral entertainment at an annual Gaudy Night--celebrations of Canadian author Robertson Davies--these literary tall tales deliver chills, chuckles, and high spirits. And they might make you look at the holidays--and a few literary greats--in a new light.

Short Stories | 138 pages (in print)
$16.95 (print) and $4.99 (ebook) CDN
Language: English
Print ISBN-978-0-9936325-2-5
EBook ISBN -978-0-9936325-3-2
December 2016

Ten humorous and ghostly tales by Todd Pettigrew, Scott Sharplin, Ken Chisholm, and Jenn Tubrett

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The authors on a reading night!

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