Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Thanks to all our Grey Area Contributors!

Third Person Press would like to express our heartfelt thanks to the following donors for their support and generosity during our Grey Area Indiegogo campaign.  Thanks, one and all, including our anonymous donors who do not appear below. You all helped make Grey Area a success!

Gary David Henderson
Dennis Nicholson
Katrina Nicholson
Mark A. Rayner
Krista Miller
Anita MacKeigan
Cheryl MacKeigan
Lillian MacKeigan
Terry Ramsey
Jane Peterson Burfield
Lisa Auerbach
Joanne Menchefski
Karen Waldman
Gerry Evans
Denise Howatson
Mark Ramsey
Herb Rosenberg
Kathryn M. Beaton
Ethel L. Clark
Shawn Sullivan
Bradley Miller
Karen Buffett
MA Churchill
C. Remillard
Joanne Ryan
Beverly Phillips
Scott Gillard
Jo-Anne Citrigno
Chris Thomson
Voula Kappas-Dunn & David Dunn
Maurice Musial
James FW Thompson
Bill Conall
Lynne O’ Neill
Genevieve MacIntyre
Mona Anderson
Sue MacKay Miller
Walter Carey
Paula Bartlett
Boularderie Island Press
Larry Gibbons
Louise Rahey
Julie Curwin
Donna D’Amour
Barb Donovan
Anastasia Daniels
Virginia MacIsaac
Jill Campbell-Miller
Shelley Porter
Eternal Elf Creations
Michael & Tracy Hall
Peter Andrew Smith
Pat Ritter Richie
Meg Horne
Caro Soles
Sandra Dunn
Victor Sakalauskas
Kevin S. Moul
Christina Dufrene
Sandy Lacey
Kerry Anne Fudge
Robbie Shepard
Michael MacDonald

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