Glide. Listen. Receive. Exhale. Transport. Soar.


More Speculative Fiction from Cape Breton

Volume Two in the Speculative Elements Series delivers fourteen stories and three poems that breathe unexpected possibilities into the atmosphere that surrounds and fills us. Take flight with these tales and explore what is always elusive: microscopic particles, airwaves, wind, space, sound, and spirit.

These talented writers~all with a connection to Cape Breton Island~share stories of timeless love, enchanted flight, punkish cybercrime, unexpected gifts of healing, journeys beyond imagining, past lives on Scottish Isles, the knock at the door you never want to answer, and much more.

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Airborne includes writing by:

Chris Benjamin       Jill Campbell-Miller
Ken Chisholm       Donna D'Amour
Kerry Anne Fudge       Meg Horne
Theresa Dugas Mac Kay       Bruce V. Miller
Krista C. Miller       Sue McKay Miller
Katrina Nicholson       Sherry D. Ramsey
Julie A. Serroul       Peter Andrew Smith
D. C. Troicuk       Nancy S.M. Waldman
...and an introduction by Afra Kavanagh, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of English at Cape Breton University.

The Stories and Poems

"Canto Paradiso" by Ken Chisholm
Music may have charms to soothe the savage breast...but what if it were used as a weapon?

"On Air" by D. C. Troicuk
When old technology meets new, it taps into something hidden and unexpected.

"The Icarus in Your Blood" by Bruce V. Miller
Cybercrime takes on a new meaning once it becomes possible to actually enter the online world.

"Dragonfly" by Nancy S. M. Waldman
A young woman must adjust to an uncertain future and an unremembered past.

"Colony" by Krista C. Miller
In a future wracked by environmental degradation, the hope for human survival may lie far from Earth itself.

"Daddy's Story" by Theresa Dugas Mac Kay
A knock at the door can be commonplace...or the herald of something darker.

"Mind Drifter" by Julie A. Serroul
A grieving boy finds a mysterious white rock with inexplicable properties in the brook near his home.

"Is There Anybody Out There?" by Sue McKay Miller
The search for other intelligence yields a surprising result.

"Her Money's Worth" by Sherry D. Ramsey
Flying creatures believed to be extinct appear where their long-ago caretaker least expects to find them.

"Laika" by Jill Campbell-Miller
No-one is immune to the loneliness of space.

"Gifts From the North" by Chris Benjamin
The path of a superhero--even a most unusual one--is never an easy one.

"Unwelcome Visitors" by Peter Andrew Smith
Some visitors you never want to see...and then there are the ones that surprise you.

"Airborne" by Kerry Anne Fudge
A vampire community is threatened by something even more deadly than those who usually hunt them.

"Pretty Charlie" by Donna D'Amour
A personal organizer can change your life for the long as it likes you...

"Unmanned" by Sherry D. Ramsey
War is hell...even if you're only fighting it by proxy.

"Slipstream" by Meg Horne
Sometimes the past can't be avoided, no matter how hard you try.

"The Wild Helicopters of the Australian Outback" by Katrina Nicholson
A young woman finds an unusual ally where she least expects it.